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Child Abuse
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Child abuse takes place every second of every day, all over the world. It is often stereotyped as something that takes place in low income families with little education. The reality of it is that it takes place in all countries, all economic classes, and all ethnic groups.

The effects of child abuse can last a life time.

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It can lead to low self-esteem, feelings of shame because the children often hide it, as well as feelings of anger and acting out. Victims of child abuse sadly have a high risk of marrying someone who is abusive and/or becoming abusive to their own children. It is a cycle that must be broken.

Schools and other public agencies are being educated more in child abuse. The purpose is to spread awareness and provide intervention programs. Children are being taught in school assemblies that being abused by any one is not their fault, and that they can tell someone at the school or another trusted adult.

There are many types of child abuse. Verbal abuse is the most common. It involves belittling a childs abilities.

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The child often become withdrawn and has no self esteem. Children of verbal abuse often find it difficult to have good relationships. This is because they often try to over compensate and make everything perfect, they get involved with people who verbally abuse them as well, and they often lack trust.

Physical abuse involves the actual hitting of the child. The hitting can be with a hand, belt, or any other object that inflicts pain. The photos out there of children with broken bones and bruised faces are heartbreaking. Physical abuse is very dangerous. It often increases in severity each time it takes place.

Sexual abuse on a child is a criminal act that is not taken lightly. However, it is often difficult to prove. DNA testing and other technology has made it easier. If a child is molested but not penetrated, it is almost impossible to prove.

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Child abuse is a world wide problem that can be found in our own backyard. It is the responsibility of each of us to protect children, ours or someone else. If you do not report suspected child abuse, then you are responsible for anything that happens to that child.

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